You gotta come back strong

"Exercise is very important"


My caricature of Tyler Carter from Issues! Gahd. I love that band. So much feels. I wish I have Tyler’s voice tho. Perfection.

Done with HB and 2B mechanical pencil. Took me three hours to finifh this. Yey.


Me and my crew

  • 1st day was fun! I met Tricia!!
  • We waited for like 2 hours for Paranormal Asylum and it’s not worth it. lol 
  • I missed an episode of Meteor Garden!!
  • 2nd day! Nothing special tbh
  • Analytic Geom be my friend. Please
  • GAME OF THRONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

King of Amarillo

Look at my notebook guys am I punk rock now¿?? And don’t judge the notebook by its cover because when you open it you’ll see figures and numbers that may cause trauma. 3 maths everyday guys STAY STRONG.


Anonymous asked: Hi, bading daw si Luke? Anong masasabi mo dun?

Bakit ka ganyan anong nagawa kong masama sayo

Anonymous asked: hi, paano at saan ka gumagawa ng mga gif?

photoshop cs4 tsaka andito na lahat tutorials and sources :)